Dennis Piekarski

• Structural Concrete
• Laser Screed Accuracy
• Production Packages
• Embed Placement
• Subcontractor Coordination
• Management
• Remodel
• Stepped Foundations
• Stamping
• Stained Flooring

Commercial - Residential

Northwest Concrete is an established local firm with clients throughout California.
Our services cover handling every detail of your project, managing the job from start to finish. Our work includes coordinating subcontractor relations as well as rectifying prior work that was 
not done to your satisfaction.

        Please call us to discuss how we can fulfill all your project needs.

• All Exteriors • Parking Lots

• Curbing
• Trash Enclosures

• Signs • Light Standards 
• Drainage Areas

• Drywells
• Catch Basins

• Parking for Bicycles